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Diamondbacks 8, Cubs 3:'s back..... begins...

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports
Beer 1:
  • Turambar:  Four Peaks White Ale.  Welcome back folks.  So it begins.  Spring has sprung and I decided to start of my first Beercap of the year with something a little milder.   Just like the weather outside.
  • Jim:  The Camelback IPA. First Beercao for me, hoping to keep up with the Beermaster.... Stomach lining may be needed...
  • (Turambar)Dreams of Dbacks success and Dodger failure circle both our minds.  Such is the hopes of Spring.
  • Corbin with a 1-2-3 inning.  We'll take it.  As a portrait of the Goblin Kings looms over us here at the Rose & Crown
  • Segura, our one true hope for 2nd base.  Jim and I have been discussing who will be leadoff....then lord Goldy approaches the plate.  The song "I just died in your arms tonight" just came on as well.
  • 1-0 Dbacks as Lamb comes through and drives in Segura.
  • 2-0 Dbacks and the oft talked of O'Brien comes through with an RBI single.  Just where he'll be playing going forward, only God knows.
Beer 2 :
  • Turambar: Historic Brewing Co. Imperial Red.  Now that the Dbacks are up 2-0 it's time to switch gears.
  • Jim:  Lumberyard Lager. Had a sip of the Red. It is very strong...
  • (Jim)Good to see Corbin getting some ugly swings this early, even from people you have never heard of.
  • (Jim)And that is why O'Brien is a DH in waiting.
  • 2-2 now and my hope for this game is mildly fading though Corbin does look solid.
  • I just learned Trevor Bauer likes Amon Amarth.  My opinion of him has changed, in a good way.
  • Fowler just golfed one out on Delgado.  My good feelings for Delgado are still very much gone.....2-3 Cubs
  • Goldy struck out.  DFA him immediately!!!!  How are the Suns doing?
  • Our conversation has veered towards Trump.  God help us all.....
Beer 3:

Turambar:  Orange Peel IPA.  Add that citrus to an IPA with citrusy hops.  Winning

Jim: St. Mary's Pale Ale. It is named after a saint. How alcoholic can it be?

  • We've both noticed that O'Brien appears to be going toward the land of the mullet.
  • Bill & Ted would be proud, for Socrates just came through for us with a nice stand up-double.  3-3 Dbacks
  • Brothers really helping us out with these wild pitches.  4-3 Dbacks as Socrates comes home one a strikes out wild pitch.
  • Ummmm  4 wild pitches and an error now sees us with men on 3rd and 2nd. Fun times
  • Cubs head hunting for Pollack apparently.  Bases now loaded for Segura.  Let the fun begin......or ground out.  Still, I'll take the lead change.
  • The Cubs 3rd baseman, blinded by Goldy's radiance, commits an error.  Goldy protects.
  • What the heck just happened with that Cub player?  5th inning, and as Jim and I speak of anime, thought he got hurt bad, but just had a bad stumble off the mound.
Beer 4:

Turambar :  Phoenix Ale Bird City Rye

Jim: I appear to have been lapped by the Beermaster, Still on my St. Mary's. Hail Mary!:

  • Heck yea!  SOCRATES!!!!!  5-3 Dbacks!!!  Most excellent!!!
  • (Jim), End of five innings, and we are leading. Time for Spring Trainng Bingo to take over: now playing in left-field.... Number #93. So, I am calling this one a win, as far as meaningfulness goes. It's all downhill from here, folks. At least as far as my coherence goes...
  • Jim and I have realized that we need to recondition ourselves to baseball.  This beer cap is getting to be long.  Perhaps I'm getting old
  • Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner plays in the background and the Dbacks score again.  6-3 after the sixth.
  • Now 7-3 as our batters become more and more obscure.
  • Stites goes 1-2-3 in the 7th.  Perhaps there is hope for him.  He of the Our-Closer-of-the-Future.
Beer 5:

Turambar:  Yes I continue to lap Jim....Guinness Nitro IPA.  First time having it and damm it's good.

  • Jim and I are waxing romantic about Goldy, as we all should.  7-3 Dbacks, and we're beginning to just not care.
  • No. 76 with his first HR.  Good times and were done here beercapping, because I said so.