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SnakeBytes 3/5: New Starting Pitchers

As Spring Training continues, we get to see our shiny new acquisitions. Yesterday saw the first appearances of Zack Greinke (two solid innings) and Tyler Wagner (one bad inning, one good inning.) Today, we get to see (literally, I hope) Shelby Miller

Jean watches his home run leave Salt River Fields, as he looks to Segura spot on the Diamondbacks roster
Jean watches his home run leave Salt River Fields, as he looks to Segura spot on the Diamondbacks roster
Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday's Game

Grteinke [sic] pitches 2 scoreless innings in Diamondbacks' debut

We couldn't see it (except for those of us actually at the game) but Zack Greinke pitched, and apparently pitched well. There was also continued good performance from Jean Segura and Rickie Weeks.

Diamondbacks Reliever Evan Marshall reaches 'huge milestone' in comeback from scary injury

More importantly (in the ultimate scheme of things) Evan Marshall made it back from near-death last year, pitching in a live game seven months to the day after his injury. He recorded the final out on a comebacker.

How Butters the Puppy Sparked Evan Marshall's Road to Recovery

It's an older story (middle of February) but I don't recall seeing it posted here before. A good summary of the guy who, so far, is the feel-good story of the spring.

Looking Ahead

Kenta Maeda Debut leads action on

More importantly, our first look at Shelby Miller in a Diamondbacks uniform. Since, had we not acquired Miller, we likely would have tried for Maeda, this becomes an opportunity to say whether or not we got the better of the deal, because we totally know that results of games in March are indicative of future results!

Other News

J.P. Howell and Turner Ward bury the hatchet over 2013 Dodgers-Diamondbacks brawl

This article confirms what you already know. Howell comes off as a bit of a jerk, and Turner Ward is class. If things were right, Howell would be grovelling his apologies, but instead Ward did the right thing for a coach/manager and reached out to defuse the situation. (Yes, before any Dodgers fans try coming in here and defending Howell, I know his version of things makes a certain deal of sense. But not apologizing for misreading the situation for almost three years, and then still not apologizing when the guy was hired, instead making him reach out to you? Inexcusable.)

Jenrry Mejia Says Baseball Officials Orchestrated His Lifetime Ban

Mejia refuses to go quietly into that good night of joining Pete Rose in the lifetime suspension box. In fairness, the union has seemed rather ineffectual of late, and Mejia is far from the only player who feels that the union isn't much of an advocate. However, his sound bytes in the article sound too much like Rose, from initially claiming innocence to eventually admitting fault, and then say he wouldn't change a thing.