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Dan Plesac predicts the Arizona Diamondbacks make the post-season

“I’m going to go out on a limb. They are going to be a playoff team. 90 wins for the Diamondbacks and this guy right here, Paul Goldschmidt, wins the 2016 National League Most Valuable Player.” - Dan Plesac

Bold words from Dan Plesac, during last night's segment of MLB Network's 30 Clubs in 30 Days, devoted to the Arizona Diamondbacks - but certainly a prediction we hope comes true. He's not the only one to have said we will make the post-season. Last month, David Schoenfeld of ESPN marked us down as the wild-card winner, and also agreed with Plesac that Goldy would win the NL MVP award (though he later seemed to backtrack, saying "I don’t think the D-backs go all Padres on us, but they fall short in a tough division."

Finding other pundits projecting success for us is tough, but not impossible.'s Phil Rogers did say, "The D-backs will upset the Dodgers and Giants to win the National League West," and Michael Laudick from The Odyssey Online also had us winning the wild-card, but most other places have stuck with the Dodgers and Giants to be the teams to beat in the division. Let's hope those are as accurate as last season's ones involving the Kansas City Royals.

Bonus clip! Plesac joining Peralta in the cage to demonstrate his unique swing and batting stance

[Videos courtesy of MLB Network]