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Snake Bytes 3/31: Last Call

The Diamondbacks wrap up Cactus League play this afternoon before hosting a pair of exhibition games at Chase Field against the defending World Series champion Kansas City Royals.

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Gosselin, Diamondbacks Come Up Big

Phil Gosselin drove in five runs on Wednesday as the Arizona Diamondbacks bounced back from a 7-0 fourth inning deficit to down the A's 12-9 in their next to last game of the Cactus League season.

Shoulder Issues Could send Collmenter to 15-day DL

Josh Collmenter has had a rough spring. Now we know it may not have been just the unorthodox tight-hander aging quickly.

Dave Stewart, Wife, Diamondbacks Navigate Tricky Dynamics

When Dave Stewart walked away from Sports Management Partners to take a position in the Diamondbacks front office, things went much as they always do when an agent switches sides. When friend and business partner Dave Henderson passed away though, Stewart's wife, Lonnie Murray was suddenly in the driver's seat of the agency, creating an interesting dynamic that is being closely watched by players and MLB both.

Jean Segura Secures Starting Position

A strong Cactus League performance at the plate has secured Jean Segura's place as the Diamondbacks' starting second baseman to open 2016.

Surging Diamondbacks Could Have What It Takes

The Diamondbacks made some bold moves this offseason. They have followed that up with an impressive performance in Cactus League play, giving some indication that they might just have the necessary tools to take the NL West.

Diamondbacks Close to Finalizing 25-man Roster

Diamondbacks CBO Tony La Russa feels the team has some difficult decisions to make, especially with players like Brandon Drury, but feels the team could know by tonight who will fill out the 25-man roster.

30 Teams, 30 Statcast Facts

Here are 30 rather interesting points of note brought to us by the evolution of Statcast.