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Infiled Chatter Episode 3.02 Plus The Lost Tapes

After two weeks we're back with an episode and part of a lost one

After a haitus we're back. I explain in the episode but basically this is the reason for the delay:

1. Two weeks ago we recorded with Meg Rowley of Looking Landing and Baseball Prospectus. At a certain point the recording got messed up and we only got like 15ish minutes of good audio. We couldn't find a good re-recording date, but I added the good portion of the audio to the end of this episode just so it can be heard. We hope to get Meg on again for a full, proper, glitch-free episode

2. Devin was on vacation last week and we couldn't be bothered.

So with that out of the way, this installment includes pretty much 100% Chase Field/County Feud talk, as we recorded Thursday when it all went down. Download here, stream below!