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SnakeBytes 3/27

Not a lot of news today, but here are a few newish stories and a bump for an older one.

Socrates Brito catches ball, acclaim
Socrates Brito catches ball, acclaim
Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Diamondbacks' A.J. Pollock's Status for Opening Day Still Uncertain

Just yesterday, the news was that Pollock was saying he would be ready for the opener. Now, Chip Hale is saying the opposite might well be the case. This means that it is extremely unlikely we see Pollock in another spring game until possibly the weekend games against the Royals at Chase.

Meet the Newest Underrated Diamondback

H/T Lamar Jimmerson on this one; thanks for posting the link in the comments yesterday, but I wanted to give it a bump.

D-Backs 7, Brewers 7

Being a recap of yesterday's game, in which the battle for the final bullpen spot hopefully gained some clarity.

Coyotes warmed up in D-backs Jerseys last night

As part of "D-backs Night" the Coyotes wore the warm-up jerseys, which were then auctioned off during the game. The Coyotes also won, continuing the good spring for teams wearing Diamondback jerseys.