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Arizona Diamondbacks' Zack Greinke discusses his start

He may not have seen Cactus League action, but here's what Zack Greinke had to say after a minor-league outing at Salt River Fields this afternoon.

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It was a kinda weird outing for Zack Greinke this afternoon at Salt River Fields, as he got his pitch-count up against the Giants' Triple-A line-up. He pitching into the seventh, though normal baseball rules didn't quite apply - for example, he was replaced for part of the sixth inning, before coming back out to get the first out in the seventh. Still, as noted last time he started, he seems to be more or less ready for Opening Day, and it's just a case of getting his pitch count up to the necessary level. He'll make one more pre-season start, presumably on March 29th - we're scheduled to face the Rockies that day, so it may or not be in that game, since he'll be facing them five days later, on Opening Day.

Also of note from this afternoon was A.J. Pollock, who went 0-for-4 with a pair of strikeouts, in his first full game action since March 8. "I’m working toward something," seemed to be his go-to quote after the game, and he said that he didn't foresee any issues with him being ready for Opening Day. That's certainly good news, though I'll be happier still when Pollock returns to the fray and joins the rest of his team-mates in putting opposition pitching to the sword.

[Video courtesy of Arizona Diamondbacks]