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Arizona Diamondbacks' pitcher Andrew Chafin trades city life for home on wheels.

Reliever Andrew Chafin is giving up big-city living to make his home in a recreational vehicle for the 2016 season. Jody Jackson paid him a visit in his mobile digs.

It reminds me a little bit of what the late Rod Beck did, at the end of his career when he was playing for the Iowa Cubs. He lived at the ballpark, in a motor home parked behind the right-field wall of the stadium, and held court there tor random fans. Not sure if Chafin will go quite that far - or if he'll be parking the RV in one of the lots beside Chase Field, since it appears he intends to keep living in it during the regular campaign. I suspect probably not, since he seems more like an outdoorsy kind of guy: "I like being out where it's quiet and I can get away and even be close to a lake. Living in downtown Phoenix last season -- I could walk to the ballpark every day -- was not for me."

Of course, it's still probably not quite the most unusual place a Diamondbacks player has lived while playing baseball. I think that award likely remains with Ryan Roberts, who actually resided in the Reno Aces' clubhouse during his time with them in 2010. He said later, "You just couldn’t let anybody see you. After the game, I’d sit on the couch in my uni until Bugsy (Reno manager Brett Butler) would leave, so everybody would think I was just hanging out. Then I’d shower up and hang out with the cleaning crew." At least that's something Chafin doesn't have to worry about!

[Video by Fox Sports Arizona]