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Snake Bytes 3/17: St. Patty's Day Late Edition

The Diamondbacks play late on the day known for festive excess.

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Goldy, Segura Back Corbin in Win

Paul Goldschmidt and Jean Segura piled on to back Patrick Corbin in another Diamondbacks win.

Pollock Confident in Return

A.J. Pollock has missed the majority of Spring Traning, but the star center fielder is confident in his ability to return and perform in time for the 2016 season.

K.K. Happy to Show His Collection

Ken Kendrick outs rare baseball card collection on display at Phoenix Art Museum

Tomás Finishes Full Workout

Yasmany Tomás has missed most of spring training due to a bad knee. After completing a complete workout, he is on pace to return Friday.

Details Emerging on LaRoche Retirement

Chicago White Sox's player personnel are unhappy with the front office going back on its agreement with the veteran 1B/DH.

Bronson Arroyo Has Torn Rotator Cuff

The once durable Arroyo will make a decision on retirement in the next few days.