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Spring Training Gameday Thread #14: 3/13, Diamondbacks @ White Sox

Can Arizona make it six spring training wins in a row?

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports
  1. Jean Segura, SS
  2. Brandon Drury, 3B
  3. Phil Gosselin, 2B
  4. Welington Castillo, DH
  5. Rickie Weeks, LF
  6. Chris Herrmann, C
  7. Peter O'Brien, 1B
  8. Zach Borenstein, RF
  9. Jason Bourgeois, CF
    + Pitchers Robbie Ray and (in no particular order) Daniel Gibson, Steve Hathaway, Enrique Burgos, Edgar Garcia, Even Marshall, Jose Cixnero, Jake Barrett, Matt Buschmann, Joey Krehbiel

A positive plethora of pitchers this afternoon for Chip Hale to select from. I doubt we'll see anything like all of them in the game, but it's nice to have options, I guess. Ray's third start will hopefully go as swimming well as his first two, where he pretty much looked like the best pitcher in the rotation. Of course, that is actually what he was last season, but with the arrivals of Shelby Miller and Zack Grienke, that challenge now becomes significantly tougher. Frankly, I would probably hope Ray is not our best pitcher this year, because that would probably mean something has gone wrong. But, hey, maybe he'll continue to develop and be in the Cy Young race himself. We can but hope...

At least there's just the one game to keep track of, so things should be considerably less confusing this afternoon! No local television coverage, but you can find it on your radio, by tuning to Arizona Sports 98.7 FM.