Do the D Backs have the guts ?

Ok, that was click bait of a title.

But I'm just wondering. If Rubby continues to have a poor spring, and Ray continues to have a good one, do they back off their set rotation of top 4 with Rubby as #4 ? Has Rubby really earned the veterans benefit of the doubt, no matter what kind of spring he has ?

Today Hale reiterated that Rubby is # 4, and Ray is still in competition for #5 Right Here

It's only 2 spring starts for each. So The numbers mean very little.

But if after two more starts each you see the same pattern, does the team have the testicular fortitude to suck it up and move Ray ahead of Rubby on the depth chart ? Or does this have to play out to the bitter end, including some failed April shellackings.......

Just wondering.