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Spring Training Gameday Thread #2: 3/1 vs. University of Arizona

This time, it counts... slightly more than yesterday, at least!

Rich Pilling/Getty Images
  1. Chris Owings, 2B
  2. Jake Lamb, 3B
  3. David Peralta, RF
  4. Peter O'Brien,LF
  5. Chris Herrmann, C
  6. Joaquin Arias, 1B
  7. Socrates Brito, CF
  8. Todd Glaesmann, DH
  9. Nick Ahmed, SS
    + P Matt Koch, and in no particular order, Keith Hessler, Cody Hall, Dominic Leone, Tim Stauffer, Matt Stites and Kaleb Fleck

As expected, A.J. Pollock was scratched from the line-up, though Hale said, "Pollock's sore arm is doing well & he expects AJ to play in spring games by Friday." Doesn't appear to be any cause for concern. Be interesting to see what Koch brings to the table - he was received from the Mets in the Addison Reed deal, and had a very impressive debut in his only appearance afterward, with Double-A Mobile. Be nice if Reed turned into something other than a bag of magic beans!

This game is available for your consumption in an audio format, streaming through the tubes of the Internet from, with Greg Schute, Tom Candiotti, Steve Berthiaume and new guy Mike Ferrin all apparently scheduled. I guess even commentators don't go the distance in early spring training! Still, should at least make it easier to follow the game than yesterday, when we were apparently largely at the whim of the WVU social media intern...