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It Came From Planet Coronary: The MegaDog arrives at Salt River Fields

You tried the D-bat dog. You scoffed down the churro dog. Are you ready for the next pseudo-canine treat to cross your culinary path?

@AZSports, via Twitter

This one is the responsibility - or fault, if you prefer - of Rob Brackett, GM of Spectra Food Services, who handle the catering at Salt River Fields. That company name is close enough to suggest it is actually run by a bald Bond villain with a white Persian cat, who is apparently plotting to take over the world through heart disease. Because this beast consists of "a half-pound, foot-long hot dog that is topped with smoked pulled pork, green chili mac n’ cheese (made with cheddar and Gouda." Hang on, where did I put my defibrillator?

This creature will only be available at Salt River Fields, and will cost your $12, though I'm not sure if that includes the "hazardous behavior" premium on your insurance.

I trust some brave SnakePitter - ish95, Turambar, your website needs you! - will bravely step up to the concession stand and take one of these on, purely in the interests of science, of course. Please note: SnakePit membership does not come with any kind of health benefits. No responsibility whatsoever will be accepted for any loss, harm or injury suffered, whether or not on "official" SnakePit duty!