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Oscars Open Thread

On the eve of professional baseball returning to Arizona - albeit meaningless baseball, even by spring training standards! - it's time for one of our traditional off-topic threads, for the Academy Awards!

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

I have actually seen 37.5% of this year's nominees for Best Picture, in The Revenant, The Martian and Mad Max: Fury Road. That's more than usual, though I sense their nominations are probably somewhat of a token gesture by the Academy towards populism, in at least the last two cases - "Quick, we need a couple of films the folks at home might have seen or they'll change the channel!" Elsewhere on the ballot, it's a lot more hit and miss: I'm 0-for-5 in the Best Actress nominees, for example. I also hope Bryan Cranston doesn't win Best Supporting Actor, but that's because I don't want anything being awarded to any film called Trumbo.

Animated Feature, will, of course, go to Inside Out. They might as well rename it the "Animated Pixar Feature or we'll have a look and see what else came out if Pixar didn't release anything. Who's this Miyazaki guy?" Award. I hope Jennifer Jason Leigh wins Best Support Actress, not so much for The Hateful Eight - not that she was bad, just that I hate Tarantinto - but because she's been unjustly overlooked over the decades. Otherwise, I'm not particularly concerned who gets what this time, with St. Penelope not even nominated. Sheesh, they actually nominated Stallone for Best Supporting Actor? Signs of the apocalypse for $400, please, Alex.

Anyway, feel free to complain about fashion, films, or the overwhelming under-representation of Scottish people on the nominations list this year. I know which one I'll be doing. They're on ABC, starting at 6:30pm, Arizona time, with the red carpet already under way.