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SnakeBytes 2/27: No News is Good News

There really isn't a lot of news coming from Diamondbacks camp, which is always a good thing at this point. There are, so far, no reports of arm soreness (knock on wood). Things haven't advanced enough yet to make position battles any clearer.

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona Diamondbacks React to MLB Rule Change

Chris Owings, Brandon Drury, and Phil Gosselin give reactions to the updated slide rule. I would have been interested in Goldy's reaction, as his slides to break up double plays were generally both hard and clean. If MLB releases a video showing both how to slide and how not to slide, I'd think a couple of Goldy's slides should show up. Nick Ahmed's slide from 2014 where he knocked down the throw, on the other hand...

Hudson to Fill Important Role in D-backs Bullpen

More coverage of the decision (made official a few days ago) that Hudson will generally work the seventh inning. With Hudson-Clippard-Ziegler, we have a very good bullpen combination, and getting through six innings with the lead will become the key to victory.

Around Baseball

Savannah's Newest Baseball Team is the Savannah Bananas

Great name, great logo, playing in the old stadium of the Savannah Sand Gnats, which was another great name.

Baseball's Plans to Shorten Games are All Wrong

Included in the "better ideas" is the "no LOOGYs" rule that has been bandied about by some on this site. Limiting pitching changes might shorten the game, but it might lead to higher scoring, which might lengthen the game. At any rate, the article correctly identifies that these changes aren't really going to fix the "problem" if there is one. (Baseball games are still shorter than football games, especially college football, and have shorter and generally fewer commercial breaks.)