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First Arizona Diamondbacks position player workouts!

Though a lot of them have been present for some time, today was the first "official" set of position player workouts at Salt River Fields for the Diamondbacks.

@dbacks, via Twitter

Much as with pitchers and catchers reporting last week, it's amazing how warm a feeling you get in your heart, watching the simplest of activities. Less because of any meaning in the acts themselves, than for what they represent: another step towards meaningless baseball games! And, if meaningless baseball games are taking place, can meaningful ones be far behind? Case in point: baseball players walking out to the field have never been something at which I've stared for quite as long as below.

Or, gentle stretching and running! Woo-hoo!

Paul Goldschmidt! Doing Paul Goldschmidt-y things!

Be still, my beating heart... Small, if unsurprising, nugget:

Want 20 minutes of Goldschmidt, Chris Owings, Jake Lamb and Nick Ahmed taking batting practice? The Diamondbacks, through Periscope, have you covered. Though I must confess, I watched a couple of minutes of that, and clicked away. But I can certainly admire the awesomeness of this:

All told, today was a small step, but a significant one: It appears everyone has arrived safely - remember the bygone era, when every spring brought us the annual "When witll Tony Peña arrive" sweepstakes? - and no-one appears to be reporting any health issues. It's now less than a week until the first game, against West Virginia - a free contest on Monday, apparently so meaningless it's not even on the team's schedule. But it's great that this is the last week we'll be unable to watch any Diamondbacks games for a while - hopefully, until well into October!