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SnakeBytes 2/21: FanFest Recap

Another record-setting attendance at D-backs FanFest, and starting rotation news, highlighted yesterday's headlines in D-backs world.

A few people showed up for FanFest
A few people showed up for FanFest

FanFest Recaps

Record Crowd Turns up for D-backs FanFest

Arizona Diamondbacks Put on a Show at Fan Fest

Is FanFest one word or two? Depends on whether you write or or Fox Sports, apparently.

General D-backs Stories

Five Burning Questions for the Diamondbacks this Spring

Also known as, the things you will see debated here and elsewhere for the next six weeks.

Look: These are the Uniform Designs the Diamondbacks Rejected

Probably old news to those of you that live in FSAZ territory, but this brings material from the #JoinTheEvolution special to those of us not in the region. Personally, I don't think that copper looks too bad...

Rubby De La Rosa Earns Spot in Diamondbacks Rotation

Well, that headline is a bit of a misnomer, as I'm unsure how he would have earned a spot based on a couple throwing sessions. Oh well. Keep reading the Snakepit for further reaction and analysis, as at least one piece will be coming up later today.

Answering Five Big Questions Heading into 2016

The Worldwide Leader devoting 20% of an article to the Diamondbacks? This is the strange, post-Greinke signing world in which we live.

Around MLB

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred Says Expansion is not 'An Immediate Issue'

Tanking, Qualifying Offers Are Chilling MLB--How to Fix Them