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Infield Chatter Season Premiere!

We're back! This time around we review the offseason and other things of that nature

We're back! Infield Chatter Season 2 stars off with... some weird sound quality that I couldn't fix. Ha ha. But we're also reviewing the offseason. We'll be coming to you weekly-ish throughout the season. Also, we're hopefully going to be bringing you guests at some point, especially during Spring Training, which will be exciting. Some things we hit on this episode

- We have hot new uniform takes which then leads to a discussion on minor league promotions and one-off jerseys which somehow lead to Clefo telling
a story about Pat Murphy tackling a mascot and whether or not he should bill Kevin Towers for games which he went to to see soon to be traded prospects.


- Zack Greinke signing, and how we can 180 on someone quickly (Contains a very good bleep of swearing, a sound editing feat)

- Go through the Miller and Segura moves as well, and find a sort of collective nihilism about them

- I said we would do three questions but only got to one because some co-hosts who I won't name really like talking

Download Here, Stream below. I'm going to work on the iTunes thing I swear to Goldy.