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Arizona Diamondbacks Fan Fest open thread

Today's another milestone on the road to Opening Day, and a big crowd is expected at Chase Field for the 12th Arizona Diamondbacks Fan Fest

As this post goes up, the gates at Chase will be opening to the public, who will be streaming in to raid the Yard Sale like a swarm of Sedona Red locusts, listen to players as they talk about the upcoming season, like Sedona Red acolytes at the feet of their guru, and queue for autographs with their favorites like... like... like Sedona Red British people.

I should probably have thought about finishing that sentence before starting it.

But, whatever. Temperatures for today's event are expected to be solidly into the eighties, so dress accordingly. I'm going to be packing a hat and some sunscreen, since I expect much of my time will be spent sitting by the stage for the Q+A sessions. Though it's probably too late, I also hope you are wearing sensible shoes. It's further down to the field from the entrance than you think, and over the course of the afternoon, there may be several trips up and down the steps, e.g. for bathroom purposes.

Anyway, treat this thread as an open one, for commenting about any cool swag you've acquired, people you've met, photos you've taken and tidbits heard around the park. Of course, participation in this may all depend on the availability of wireless technology inside Chase Field, which is... uncertain, shall we say. Wonder if they'll remember to turn the wi-fi on today?

I'll be back after the event with a full report, of course. Feel free to say hello if you see me there. I'll be the sunburned British guy.