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SnakeBytes 2/20:

Two days of workouts involving pitchers and catchers (and more than a few position players, as it turns out) and we are two days closer to Opening Day. Kudos to Tuffy Gosewisch, who has lived up to his nickname by reporting and (apparently) being a full participant in workouts.

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Tuffy Gosewisch catching? Didn't expect to see that in late-May last year.
Tuffy Gosewisch catching? Didn't expect to see that in late-May last year.
Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Zack Greinke's Arizona Diamondbacks Chapter Officially Begins

We're not tired of Zack Greinke news yet, right? I'm not sure this adds too much to what we know of Greinke and how he might fit in with the rest of the team, but hey, can't beat that headline.

Zack Greinke Introduced in the Desert, Meets Diamondbacks Media

No, this isn't a months-old story. Apparently, you can have more than one introduction. Who knew? Mention is made of Greinke's first start in Arizona, when he posted a Game Score of -11. Since then, in 9 starts, he's averaged a Game Score of 63 in 9 starts, and take away another poor start with Milwaukee and it's an average of 70 in 8 starts. For the non-Game Score people, he's gone 6-2 and allowed 12 earned runs, including five starts without allowing a run.

Every Acquisition the Diamondbacks Made this Offseason

From Venom Strikes, a quick recap of the offseason.

Diamondbacks Make Case for Newer Stadium

Well, the Braves have managed to pull it off, and Turner Field only opened (for baseball) one year before Chase...

Around Baseball (and other bat-and-ball sports)

Tony Phillips Dies at 56

Quotes from Stewart and La Russa about the man who attempted a comeback as recently as 2013, and was playing independent baseball last year.

MLB Teams Who Didn't Do Enough this Winter to Keep Up

A negative list featuring the Dodgers.

Winter Report Cards for all 30 Teams

On the other hand, this list sees things in pretty much the opposite way.

Brandon McCullum sets record for fastest Test Century

Cricket and baseball don't really have that much in common, but a love for statistics and records certainly is a big part of both games. So McCullum, playing in his final match, this morning broke a record that had stood for 30 years. The link goes to about two minutes of highlights that (I think) even Americans can appreciate, as they largely consist of balls being hit a long way.