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Arizona Diamondbacks extend manager Chip Hale's contract

Chip Hale's first year as manager went well enough, the Diamondbacks have inked him to a contract running at least through 2017.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The existing contract was for two seasons, running through the end of this year, with a team option for 2017. However, it appears that this option has now been exercised - and it's possible the new deal now extends further than next year. The news was first reported by Jon Morosi of Fox Sports:

Here's how Hale's first full season stands in comparison to that of those who preceded him:

Manager Record Change
Buck Showalter 65-97 N/A
Bob Brenly 92-70 +7
Bob Melvin 77-85 +26
A.J. Hinch 65-97* -5
Kirk Gibson 94-68 +29
Chip Hale 79-83 +15

* Hinch was fired midway through his first full season, with a 31-48 record at that point.

It's a nice vote of confidence for Hinch, though doesn't actually mean much more than that. For you may recall the last manager to receive a contract extension, a little more than two years ago. Kirk Gibson and GM Kevin Towers were both extended in February 2014. There had been some rumblings about them being unhappy that the team hasn't exercised options, giving them effectively one-year deals: "Hall and Kendrick did not want to continually receive questions about whether Towers and Gibson were on the hot seat."

Neither Towers nor Gibson survived the season. Here's to Hale meeting a better fate.