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Arizona Diamondbacks spring: Let the workouts commence!

After the unparalleled (since September, anyway!) excitement of yesterday's reporting , today meant it was time for the official workouts to begin.

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Even the weather seemed delighted to see pitchers and catchers reporting yesterday, with the temperature reaching a record 90F yesterday in the appropriately-named Valley of the Sun. Today it was a lot cloudier, with a high around the low eighties, which was probably a good thing for those working out at Salt River. It was certainly appreciated by at least one Diamondback

Though memo to self: the forecast is back up to 86F for the FanFest on Saturday, so bring sunscreen and a hat if you're going to be sitting on the field, watching the Q+A! Today's highlights included a visit from a Hall of Famer, and the first 2016 sighting of - we hope - our next Cooperstown inductee.

Not quite so sure about these new pants though. Looks kinda like they were just left in the wash with a Sedona Red jersey. Or, as Kerry Crowley put it on Twitter, "This is just a fantastic way to honor Curt Schilling..."

Now, batting... First-base Paul Goldschmidt! Well, not much actual swinging, it seems, but let's not rush the man!

He wasn't the only position player showing up before they had to be there.

And, notice anything different in the above picture? Anybody? Bueller?

Obvious, now, isn't it?

ALL the pitchers!

Though some would not have minded a bit of a lie-in, it seems...

We'll have video later. Yes: actual, real Diamondbacks players doing baseball things. It's awesome.