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Snake Bytes 2/17: Pitchers and Catchers Report!

Today is the day that we can finally utter those four words that nearly ever die-hard baseball fan out there has been waiting for all winter long.

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Pitchers and Catchers Report

Really, need we say anything else?

Marshall Returns from Fractured Skull

Now further removed from the horrifying accident that had the world afraid for his future, Evan Marshall is now in the best shape of his life and once again having fun with the game of baseball.

Lineup in Flux as Spring Training Arrives

The Diamondbacks will be tinkering with the lineup this spring to try and get the most they can out of it.

Position Battles Abound for Diamondbacks

Second base, shortstop, third base, catcher, and the outfield all hold tough decisions for the 2016 Diamondbacks.

Tony La Russa Enters 51st Spring

With spring training beginning today, Tony La Russa will be joing a big league club for the event for the 51st time.

Tony La Russa Confident in Greinke

The Diamondbacks broke the bank with the contract they gave to All-star pitcher Zack Greinke. Their CBO is confident he'll be worth every penny.

Opening Day Starters - Who Will They Be?

For some teams, the decision is a clear one. For others, today marks the first day of competition for the role.

Marlins, Fernandez to Develop Innings Plan

For all the animosity earlier in the offseason between the two parties, Scott Boras and the Miami Marlins seem to have made up. Boras and the Marlins will work with the team's Cuban ace to develop a firm innings-limit plan before Opening Day.