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And, so, it begins - the Diamondbacks pitchers and catchers arrive

Spring training has officially begun.

@dbacks, via Twitter

Unfortunately, most of us had to work today - and, unbelievably, at day jobs which do not involve baseball! As a result, we could only experience the occasion vicariously and second-hand. Still, that's why God invented social media. Or could it be... Satan? Something something idle hands... However, documenting this annual date has been a tradition for over 90 years: here's an early example of it, from 1924

But let's begin at 7:10am this morning, with the Diamondbacks' official account getting things under way:

Of course, trust Clefo immediately to cast a Herzog-ian sense of doom and futility over proceedings:

Instead, 'charmer demonstrates the correct posture to adopt today.

Here's Oscar Hernandez - note the interesting "train to reign" shirt, which I suspect will be a hot item (if available!) at the upcoming FanFest this weekend.

Yet, it appears our pitchers and catchers did not merely "report". To borrow a line from Office Space: "If you think the bare minimum is enough, then okay. But some people choose to do more and we encourage that, okay? You do want to express yourself, don't you?" So, we also have evidence of players actually doing player-like stuff. Be still, my beating heart.

And even those who may not actually have been there, were still present in spirit. Or, at least, in shirt.

And some position players appear to be saying, "What took you so long?"

We also got Chip Hale's first press conference of the season. Here are some of the talking points to come out of that.

And, finally, if you're heading out to Salt River Fields tomorrow for the first day of formal pitcher & catcher workouts, here is the schedule, via Steve Gilbert.