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Arizona Diamondbacks pitchers and catchers report

It's the most wonderful non-event of the year!

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Considering that just about nothing will actually happen at Salt River Fields today, it's remarkable how excited I am about this lack of genuine activity. For the term "report" is something largely honored in the breach, since neither pitchers nor catchers actually have to show up. Some, it appears, have actually already done so, and for the rest, a quick phone-call in is all that is actually required to satisfy the requirements of the day. There isn't even any kind of work-out today, with the first one of those scheduled for tomorrow, from roughly nine until eleven - as usual, it will be open to the public, if you want to show up.

What matters this morning is less anything specific, and more what it represents: the end of winter, and a significant milestone on the way to Opening Day. Tomorrow, we get to see some light stretching and throwing. Then next week, the full squad starts working out, and before you know it, we'll be playing meaningless exhibition games against the Colorado Rockies, and will be agonizing over every 0-for-3 as if it were a playoff box-score. Particularly this year, there is a real sense of excitement and anticipation: for the first time since February 2012, the Diamondbacks show up in spring having improved their W-L record the previous season.

Add in the off-season splash made by the biggest contract in franchise history, and Diamondbacks' fans can be excused for being particularly enthusiastic this spring, perhaps more so than any supporters of any other non-playoff club. We'll be looking forward to see what the new arrivals bring, how old favorites perform, and simply enjoying the sights and sounds of a new baseball season which, right now, is ripe with potential and promise. And there's no better state to be in to appreciate spring training than Arizona, where weather, compact locations and wonderful facilities combine to create among the best of all baseball experiences.

Take advantage of it folks, because it's one of the unadulterated joys of living in the state. Breathe in, smell the new-mown grass and hear the sound of ash on horsehide. Today means baseball is back, and it's glorious to have it once again.