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Collmenter On Ice: Josh skates with the Coyotes

Last night, Diamondbacks pitcher Josh Collmenter was "Top Dog" at the Arizona Coyotes game - no word if that was a Siberian Husky! Here, he talks about the experience, before skating with the team at this afternoon's practice session.

Truth be told, he seems to start off looking a bit like Bambi on ice, but by the end, seems to have got his legs under him a bit and it's almost hard to tell who's the pro skater. Except Josh still has his own teeth. :) However, am still kinda glad that the ice-capade went off without a hitch. Because it would have sucked, big-time, if one of the linchpins of our bullpen for the upcoming season had blown his knee out in a freak, skating-related incident.

That would have been right up there with Ian Kennedy having to miss a start, after cutting his hand washing the dishes - mind you, it's a great way to get out of housework for a bit. But it'd still be some way behind the famous incident where Brian Anderson burned his cheek, testing to see whether an iron was hot [Spoiler: it was] Hmm, seems to be a particular issue with pitchers...

[Video courtesy of Arizona Diamondbacks]