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GM Winter Meetings: Day Four Wrap

Diamondbacks sign Fernando Rodney
Fernando Rodney signed
David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Close Call

The AZ Snakepit's Day Four Open Thread was extremely lively with over 260 comments.

Here's What Happened:

Last night, the Diamondbacks signed closer Fernando Rodney to a 1 year, $2.75 Million contract plus $2.25 Million in incentives. His motivation is likely high because Miami declined his 2017 option.

Last night, the Rays signed catcher Wilson Ramos to a 2 year $12.5 Million contract, with $5.75 million in incentives. The contract is pending his physical, which is not a sure thing because of his knees.

Last night, the Rangers re-signed center fielder Carlos Gomez to a 1 year, $11.5 Million contract.

Rockies signed outfielder Ian Desmond to a 5 year, $70 Million contract. With the addition, the Rockies’ outfield is crowded. Will one of the outfielders move to first base? Will an outfielder be traded?

Marlins signed starting pitcher Jeff Locke to a 1 year, $3 Million contract. He will be in the back of the rotation. he will join another former Pirate in the Marlin rotation, Edinson Volquez.

Marlins re-signed relief pitcher Dustin McGowan for a 1 year contract.

Marlins signed backup catcher AJ Ellis for a 1 year, $2.5 Million contract.

Yankees signed left fielder Matt Holiday for a 1 year, $13 Million contract. He may play first base or be DH for the Yankees.

Trade: Cubs received closer Wade Davis (FA in 2018). Royals received 24 year old right fielder Jorge Soler (FA in 2021). Wade Davis will help the Cubs compete this season, while Jorge Soler will help the Royals compete over four years.

Trade: Nationals received center fielder Adam Eaton. White Sox received top pitching prospects Lucas Giolita, Reynaldo Lopez, and Dane Dunning. Adam Eaton, a former Diamondback, was worth 5.9 wins above replacement last season. He is under contract for three years, plus two years of affordable team options.

Comments on Fernando Rodney

AZ Snakepit’s Michael McD wrote that this has the chance to be very smart because of the GB rate of 55% and strikeout rate above 25%.

Last Word’s Joashua Greenberg wrote that among active players Rodney has the 5th most career saves.

Outside Pitch’s Andrew Miller, 5 days ago, wrote about three possible pitchers. He wrote that if Rodney pitches like he did for the Padres, the Diamondbacks would get a steal.

Impact on the Diamondbacks:

a. On players’ roles on the team: Fernando Rodney is the closer!

b. Stocking the farm: There was no impact today.

c. Payroll: The 2017 payroll was increased by $2.75 Million (ignoring the $2.25 Million in incentives). About $10 Million payroll room remains to take advantage of opportunities to improve the team.

D’Backs payroll 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
Before Hazen on Board $99.3 MM $105.2 MM $115.5 MM $120.5 MM $108.0 MM
Before Day 4 $87.6 MM $98.1 MM $114.9 MM $116.0 MM $96.2 MM
Change $2.75 MM $0 MM $0 MM $0 MM $0 MM
After Day 4 $90.35 MM $98.1 MM $114.9 MM $116.0 MM $96.2 MM