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GM Winter Meetings: Day Two Wrap

Giants sign Melancon
Giants sign Melancon
Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Day Two Wrap: Ship has Set Sail

The AZ Snakepit's Day Two Open Thread was filled with insightful comments on the day's action!

Here's What Happened:

The Giants signed Mark Melancon, closer, to a 4 year, $62 Million contract, with an opt-out after two years. The extremely huge contract shows demand for closers is high! The Giants intend to compete with the Dodgers! This is not welcome news for the Diamondbacks fans.

The Dodgers re-signed Rich Hill, starting pitcher, to a 3 year, $48 Million contract. To make room, the Dodgers are shopping Scott Kazmir and Brandon McCarthy.

In other action:

  • Last night, the Yankees signed Matt Holliday to a 1 year $13 Million contract. Matt Holliday is a seven-time all-star outfielder and he replaces Brain McCann who previously was traded to the Astros.
  • This morning, the Blue Jays signed Steve Pearce to a 2 year $12.5 Million contract. Steve Pearce may platoon with first baseman Justin Smoak or replace either Michael Saunders or Jose Bautista in the outfield.
  • The Astros signed Carlos Beltran, DH, to a 1 year $16 Million contract.
  • The Phillies signed Joaquin Benoit, relief pitcher, to a 1 year, $7.5 Million contract.

What GM Mike Hazen Thinks:

Impact on the Diamondbacks:

a. On players’ roles on the team: Many teams, including the Diamondbacks want to improve their bullpen. Melancon’s huge contract may be temporarily pricing the Diamondbacks out of the “back end” pitching market. It is more likely that a Diamondbacks starting pitcher will move to “back end” pitching.

b. Stocking the farm: What was the impact? There was no impact today.

c. Payroll: What was the impact on the Diamondbacks’ payroll outlook? There was no impact today, and so payroll room remains to take advantage of opportunities to improve the team.

D’Backs payroll 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
Before Hazen on Board $99.3 MM $105.2 MM $115.5 MM $120.5 MM $108.0 MM
Before Day 2 $87.6 MM $98.1 MM $114.9 MM $116.0 MM $96.2 MM
Change $0 MM $0 MM $0 MM $0 MM $0 MM
After Day 2 $87.6 MM $98.1 MM $114.9 MM $116.0 MM $96.2 MM