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GM Winter Meetings: Day One Wrap

Day One Wrap
The Calm Before a Storm?
Photo by Darin Wallentine/Getty Images


The Diamondbacks have a compelling team.

  • Young players will improve this season albeit that Shoewizard pointed out that Goldy, Greinke, and Peralta are sloping towards the wrong side of the aging curve.
  • Talented players under-performed their talent last season, but maybe not this season.
  • High expectations that new coaches will make a positive impact.

Some may disagree. Grant Brisbee wrote that the Diamondbacks roster is as compelling as onion soup, and Mike Hazen may want to make his own broth. Maybe the team needs to crack some eggs to make egg-drop soup.

If Mike Hazen makes no trades during the winter meeting, I will count it as well played! Patience is a virtue when waiting for the right trade. Twice in the last seven years, the GM winter meetings spoiled the soup (2009 and 2015).

What kind of cook is Mike Hazen? Prior to day 1, he reduced payroll by $11.7 Million and I’m sure he has ideas simmering. What is his strategic plan? What will he do next?

This daily wrap will focus on the Diamondbacks, and also look at actions by the other 29 teams. Blockbuster trades could happen. The competitive balance in the NL West could be impacted.

Day One Wrap: Calm Before a Storm

The AZ Snakepit's Day One Open Thread was lively considering that beyond rumors and the building anticipation, the baseball world will little note, nor long remember this day. I tip my hat to Charlie Gebow for his comment of the day with 7 rec's.

Here's what happened:

GM Winter Meetings began. Opportunities are forming. Which GMs will capture those opportunities to further their strategic plans? What will we see as the meetings progress?

Initial Impact on the Diamondbacks:

a. On players’ roles on the team: What was the impact? There was no impact today, and so uncertainty remains about the roles for next season. How often will each catcher play - will another catcher be added? Who will close? ...

b. Stocking the farm: What was the impact? There was no impact today.

c. Payroll: What was the impact on the Diamondbacks’ payroll outlook? There was no impact today, and so payroll room remains to take advantage of opportunities to improve the team.

D’Backs payroll 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
Before Hazen on Board $99.3 MM $105.2 MM $115.5 MM $120.5 MM $108.0 MM
Before Day 1 $87.6 MM $98.1 MM $114.9 MM $116.0 MM $96.2 MM
Change $0 MM $0 MM $0 MM $0 MM $0 MM
After Day 1 $87.6 MM $98.1 MM $114.9 MM $116.0 MM $96.2 MM