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On the seventh day of D-backsmas, Ken Kendrick gave to me...

In which an unofficial confidence poll breaks out...

Cygnets Hatch Early At Abbotsbury Swannery As Summer Approaches Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Another close-fought battle for verse six, with two contrasting options turning Sedona Red. Out of the optimistic camp, AzDbackfanInDc gave us “Six games up at the break”, which would certainly be a feat. But perhaps we should be careful what we wish fir. The last time we were ANYTHING up at the break at all was 2013, when we had a 2.5 game advantage, then went 36-45 in the second half. Before that: 2008, a game up, but we didn’t hold onto this lead either. On the other hand, all of the most recent times when we won the division - in 2002, 2007 and 2011 - the Diamondbacks were not up at the break. 2001 was the only season where we were in first place at that point, 3.5 games ahead, then went on to take the title. Historically, the team has been nine points of W% better overall in the second half.

But the winner goes to DbacKid for the considerably more pessimistic, “Six months of torture.” Though to be fair, last season was more like “One month of torture and five months of underwhelming mediocrity.” For in July, the team went 7-17, the fewest number of wins in any full calendar month since the same time in 2010. There has only been one month in franchise history with fewer victories - again, it was July, back in 2004, when the historically awful Diamondbacks had their worst spell, going 5-20. Despite those three seasons, July hasn’t actually been the worst overall month by win percentage: yes, the team has fewer wins, but that’s because of fewer games, due to the All-Star break. Here are the Diamondbacks’ win records for each month:

  • March/April: 237-243 = .494 W%
  • May: 269-263 = .506
  • June: 242-268 = .475
  • July: 235-258 = .477
  • August: 267-268 = .499
  • Sept/Oct: 253-275 = .479

Next up, we continue the avian theme for Day #7.

On the seventh day of Xmas, Ken Kendrick gave to me...

  • ________________________________ [Seven Swans a Swimming]
  • Six months of torture
  • Five division rings
  • Four robot umps
  • Three Miller wins
  • Two Cuban projects
  • And a catcher you can have for free!

As usual, throw your suggestions into the comments and/or rec the ideas you feel most deserving of praise. The winner will be announced tomorrow.