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On the second day of D-backsmas, Ken Kendrick gave to me...

The partridge has been DFA’d, so time to give a spot start to potential turtle dove replacements...

China Reports Two New Outbreaks Of Bird Flu Photo by China Photos/Getty Images

The first day of Dbacksmas is in the books, and with a landslide of recs [well, it was the only one to turn Sedona Red] provider of the first verse is aricat:

...And a catcher you can have for free.

Congratulations to him, and thanks to all the submissions. There were some which prompted hearty snorts. :)

Interesting to take a look at the history of the catcher’s position in Arizona. All told we’ve used 27 catchers, whose names range from the well-known to the utterly obscurist. To test your knowledge at the position, here’s a Christmas Eve Sporcle. Beginning with the player who has played the most games, you’ll get their initials, and have to provide their last name, in order to unlock #2. It continues that way, all they way down to the two catchers who have only ever started a single game for the Diamondbacks. How far can you get before your brain freezes up?

On to day two we go, and soliciting Diamondbacks’ themed alternatives as follows:

On the second day of Xmas, Ken Kendrick gave to me...

  • ______________________________________________ [Two turtle doves]
  • And a catcher you can have for free!

As usual, submit your suggestion to fill in the blank, in the comments below, and rec any you see there which you feel deserve it!