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Unwrap some D-backs goodies on Fox Sports Arizona tomorrow

If you get tired of staring at the Yule Log on Christmas Day, Fox Sports Arizona has you covered.

The Winter Solstice Is Celebrated In Cumbria Photo by Ian Forsyth/Getty Images

You’ll have opened your presents, discovered most of them came without batteries, and in a fit of pique, headed off to stuff yourself silly with too much food. If you’re anything like me, the preceding will have taken place by about half-past eight on Christmas morning. What do you do with the rest of the day? If you have Fox Sports Arizona, the answer is simple: select the channel, settle back on the couch with an industrial volume of antacid, and enjoy some classic Diamondbacks’ games. For, beginning at 9am on Christmas Day, they’ll be showing five of the best regular season contests, which should take you well past the point where unconsciousness has kicked in.

Here’s the schedule:

  • 9:00am - April 26, 2001 (ARI 13, ATL 6): Luis Gonzalez ties Ken Griffey Jr. for most home-runs in April
  • 12:00pm - October 5, 2001 (ARI 5, MIL 0): Diamondbacks clinch NL West at Milwaukee
  • 4:00pm - May 18, 2005 (ARI 2, ATL 0): Randy Johnson perfect game
  • 6:00pm - September 23, 2011 (ARL 3, SFG 1): D-backs clinch NL West vs. Giants
  • 10:00pm - September 27, 2011 (ARI 7, LAD 6): Ryan Roberts’ walk-off grand-slam vs. Dodgers

One sad thought strikes me - wonder when there’ll be some games after 2011 worth screening? Y’know, like another division clincher? Oh, well: for now, let’s wallow in a mix of tinsel and nostalgia, and the Spirit of Diamondbacks Past.