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2016 Arizona Diamondbacks Play of the Year, Group 5

The last batch of contenders, takes us through the end of the season, and will complete the final line-up.

Ralph Freso/Getty Images

8/30 - Segura + Owing DP

Jean Segura ranging to his right again? But, wait! There's more! For this time, he flips the ball over to Chris Owings covering second base for the force, CO clipping the base with his foot before firing on to Paul Goldschmidt first for the second out. I didn't see a prettier DP this season.

9/12 - Tomas Grand Slam

The Diamondbacks had only one grand-slam this year, matching a franchise low set in 2007. Probably inevitably, it came against the Rockies, though at Chase Field, rather than Coors. Better yet, it came with the team down by three, triggering a 12-9 final victory over Colorado.

9/23 - Brito throw home

We've seen some clutch plays already, but they don't come much more vital than throwing the winning run out at the plate in the bottom of the ninth inning. Socrates Brito fired a strike home for Welington Castillo to apply the tag. Bonus drama: The play had to survive a Baltimore challenge.

9/25 - Drury dives on the warning track

Our outfield this season seemed at times like it was held together with duct-tape and hope. But even as we pressed infielders and backup catchers into action, they still sometimes came up with gems like this, where Brandon Drury sprawled full length on the warning track.

10/1 - Bradley fields comebacker

Last but not least in these 25 top-rate plays, we have Archie Bradley's last start, where he didn't just strike out a career-high 11 batters, he also delivered this impressively athletic play to get the out at first. Given his previous history, even just fending off the ball was impressive!

The winner of this poll will go on, along with the four champions from the other groups, into the Play of the Year final poll. That will be posted next Friday, since we're about to be busy with the winter meetings, which kick off over the weekend in Maryland. We'll see you there!