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Highlights from Torey Lovullo's first press-conference

New Arizona Diamondbacks manager, Torey Lovullo, was introduced to the media at Chase Field this morning. Here are some quick takes from what he and GM Mike Hazen had to say.

@dbacks, via Twitter

Disclaimer: This was written up very quickly, and absolutely accuracy is not guaranteed. The press conference will be repeated at 11:30, 12:30 and 10pm tonight on Fox Sports Arizona.

TL: I think through the process that we went through, that we share the same values, the same morals, and it's going to help us move forward as an organization as quickly as possible.

MH: As we stepped back and looked at the key characteristics we were looking for in our next manager, we outlined a few of those things. Those we kept in the forefront of our mind, and combining that with the importance of the front-office's relationship, ownership's relationship with the manager, because so many things that we do involve day-to-day communication, the ability to work through problem together, whether it's on the roster, or off the field. Anytime you have that ability to communicate on that level immediately, it's a plus in our mind. It was not the over-riding factor. It was a process, we had a lot of really strong candidates with different backgrounds, but ultimately Torey was the one that came out on top.

What are your impressions of the talent on this team?

TL: There are some really special players here, and a lot of really key ingredients. Mike will determine what happens with the roster, but from across the diamond, it's a special group of guys.

What did you learn during your time as interim manager?

TL: I learned that the manager gets pulled in a lot of different directions. There's a ton of responsibilities on a day to day basis. You have to be able to manage your time efficiently. I watched managers do it with ease, I've watched managers get run over by it. Made sure I was accessible to the players, made sure they understood that they were the engine, and set aside time to let them know I cared on that level. The manager has to wear a lot of different hats as well, be tied in to the front office, the ownership group as well.

What do you bring from the Red Sox to the Diamondbacks?

MH: From our standpoint in the front-office, I think it's more about the process we tried to build with decision making, roster management, those types of things.

TL: From the field level, I think it's very similar. We want to bring a system of communication, constantly moving forward day by day. We want to bring that here to Arizona, but make it a little bit better.

How do you try to fix a team that want 69-93?

TL: It's easy to look at one thing right now, the total wins, but I'm not really going to focus on that. I'm more excited about the type of players we have here, the culture we're going to try and set here, from the dugout level. We're looking for smart, tough baseball players that are fearless. We have a number of those guys here. There's a great nucleus of players here. The way I look at it, I feel things are looking very positive.

What do you think of the NL game?

TL: The American League is try and score as many runs as you can. I understand there's a different dynamic, but what I need to do first is not forecast what our team is going to be like. Once I get a feel for our guys, we'll determine what kind of team we're going to be. But I do like an offensive team and I know that this team are at or above league average in just about every category. That's why I say, we have a great starting point offensively. But there will be a point in time where we have to play with one run. We'll be a fundamentally sound team, a prepared team, each and every night.

Do you know what your staff is going to be?

TL: We haven't made any decision. Things have been moving at a pretty fast pace. Mike and I are going to sit down and address that.

How fast do you want to get going and fill your needs?

MH: We've had some very cursory discussions about the roster. We haven't had the ability as a group, wanting the manager to be involved. We plan to sit down in the next day or so, mapping out strategy, talking through plans, both in the short- and long-terms.

Have you looked at the pitching?

TL: I haven't dug into that. I know we're going to have a conversation, but I haven't done anything other than look at the numbers.