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2001 World Series, Game 7: 15 years ago today

“Yo Cubs, I’m really happy for you, Imma let you finish but the D-backs had the best Game 7 of all time"

Less than a year after I arrived in the United States, the home-town Diamondbacks won the World Series.

You're welcome.

I kinda wish they'd waited a while, because I can't say I appreciated it as much then as I should have. I was certainly a fervent fan - I still haven't ever felt as devastated by any sporting event as Kim blowing the save in Game 5 - but doing it in the first season made me feel it was "easy". I didn't even consider getting tickets for Game 6 or 7; if it happened now, I would be looking into selling a kidney if necessary. For the D-backs haven't come close to returning since, not even winning a single game past the Division Series. Here's to better things under the new GM.

But for now, we will always have Game 7. And on the 15th anniversary of it, what better time to appreciate it, even if you save time and just fast-forward to that glorious bottom of the ninth inning!