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2016 Arizona Diamondbacks Play of the Year, Group 3

Into June we go, with infield defense, outfield defense and the rarest of home-runs.

Norm Hall/Getty Images

6/6 - Bourn catch at pool

When we get them, the new defensive metrics are going to be a real boon in terms of determining defensive skill. Witness this Statcast on Michael Bourn's play, telling us not just how far he ran to snag this ball, but how quickly he started, and his top speed, of more than 20 mph.

6/6 - Ray home-run

Just a few weeks earlier, we had documented the long, dark homerless streak of D-backs pitchers, at that point lasting more than three season. Cue Robbie Ray, for the first long-ball by an AZ hurler since Wade Miley on April 22, 2013, and the resulting silent treatment in the dugout.

6/10 - Segura spinning throw

Off the bat, I was sure this was easily going to go back up the middle and on into center field. Somehow, Segura managed to range across to the other side of second-base and (not for the first time in these nominations) used his shortstop arm. It wasn't a particularly close play in the end...

6/13 - O'Brien takes away extra bases

It's the bat of Peter O'Brien which has gathered all the attention, but he has had his moments with the glove as well. Here, he tracks the ball down to the warning track and leaps to take extra bases away from the Dodgers' Justin Turner in the top of the 5th inning.

6/24 - Weeks catch at wall

This was certainly a game saver. With two men on base and one out in the bottom of the ninth inning, and Arizona clinging to a 10-9 lead at Coors Field, anything but a catch would certainly have tied the game, if not given Colorado a walk-off. But Rickie Weeks Jr came through.