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2017 World Series Odds

Time to turn our attention to 2017. Fancy a wager on the D-backs? A small flutter would currently pay a big dividend....

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
  • Chicago Cubs 7/2
  • Boston Red Sox 9/1
    Los Angeles Dodgers 9/1
  • Washington Nationals 12/1
  • Cleveland Indians 14/1
    New York Mets 14/1
    San Francisco Giants 14/1
    Toronto Blue Jays 14/1
  • Houston Astros 16/1
    Texas Rangers 16/1
  • Baltimore Orioles 22/1
    Detroit Tigers 22/1
    St. Louis Cardinals 22/1
  • New York Yankees 25/1
    Seattle Mariners 25/1
  • Pittsburgh Pirates 28/1
  • Kansas City Royals 33/1
  • Chicago White Sox 40/1
    Miami Marlins 40/1
  • Los Angeles Angels 50/1
  • Colorado Rockies 66/1
    Tampa Bay Rays 66/1
  • Milwaukee Brewers 75/1
    Oakland Athletics 75/1
  • Arizona Diamondbacks 100/1
    Atlanta Braves 100/1
    Cincinnati Reds 100/1
    Minnesota Twins 100/1
    Philadelphia Phillies 100/1
    San Diego Padres 100/1

Well, I'd say that's... Not entirely unexpected, to be honest. But it's perhaps worth bearing in mind that Josh Byrnes and Kevin Towers both won division titles in their first years of being the Diamondbacks' General Manager, so there is some precedent for Mike Hazen [Okay: Dave Stewart, not so much...] But I do think the D-backs are probably in a better position than most of the other teams with whom they are grouped at 100-1 odds.

Elsewhere on the table, anyone's odds particularly stand out? I'd say having the odds at 7/2 on the Cubs retaining the title is remarkably stingy, given no team has successfully defended the World Series since the 2000 Yankees. Mind you, given it has been 108 years since the Cubs last won it, they probably have some catching up to do!

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