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Snake Bytes 11/3: Cubs win! Holy cow!

For those living under a rock on the dark side of the Moon during the last 12 hours, the Chicago Cubs ended 108 years of futility last night, winning the 2016 World Series with what is sure to go down as one of the greatest World Series games ever.

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Chicago Cubs Fans Gather To Watch Game 7 Of The World Series Against The Cleveland Indians Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

Chicago Cubs 8, Cleveland Indians 7

108 Years LAter, Cubs Best in the World

For the first time since 1908, the Chicago Cubs are World Champions. You better believe it. Maybe when Addison Russell is 24, or Anthony Rizzo's nephew is old enough to watch videos, or Kris Bryant gets a gray hair, the young Cubs players will understand what they did this year.

108 is Enough

When Tom Ricketts purchased the Cubs after the 2009 season, he promised he would do whatever it took to bring a World Series championship to Chicago. On Wednesday night, the Cubs chairman was finally able to hoist the Commissioner's Trophy and celebrate the team's World Series victory.

Cubs End Curse with Greatest Game Ever

It remains to be seen where the game actually winds up once the hype dies down, probably sometime around November of 2017, but anyone watching Game 7 can rest assured that there are few games that will rank as greater spectacles of why baseball is such a great game.

Why Cubs-Indians Just Turned in a Classic

“...given the teams involved, the epic droughts each had gone without a championship, the wild swings of momentum, the extra innings and the rain that briefly brought the whole fun house ride to a halt, I defy you to find any Game 7 more compelling than the one that was played Wednesday night.”

Ben Zobrist Named World Series MVP

One year afer celebrating a World Series win in Kansas City, Ben Zobrist celebrated again - this time with the Chicago Cubs. “This one about made me pass out,” he said. “It was just an epic battle. We’ve been listening to the Rocky soundtrack for the last three games. We’ve got our own Italian stallion, Anthony Rizzo, that’s been putting that on.”

Jason Heyward’s Rain Delay Pep Talk Helps Cubs End Drought

It wasn’t supposed to go down the way it did. Aroldis Chapman came into the game with a three-run lead and only needed to get four outs. Rajai Davis had other ideas, launching a game-tying home run into the stands and bringing the rain. THe Cubs could have settled for “Maybe next year.” But they didn’t.

This is How Dynaties Begin

Some pitching will need to be addressed in the offseason, but the Cubs have money and now have a trophy. THe position player core is among the youngest in the game. Couold this be the first of multiple trips to The Show for the Chicago Cubs?