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2016 Arizona Diamondbacks Play of the Year, Group 2

Here are the next five contenders, covering the rest of May

Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

5/4 - Drury diving catch into stands

We've seen some memorable plays previously with D-backs flying into the crowd to make an out. Here's the best such from this year's schedule: it was also memorable because of the Miami fan who decided it was the perfect moment to capture a selfie. He's now a member of Alpha Chi Omega.

5/6 - Castillo/Ahmed throw out/tag

When it came to throwing out base-runners, Welington Castillo's numbers this year were among the best in the major leagues. But in this cases, it took an amazing throw around the batter, on a pitch in the dirt, plus a great assist from his infield, in the shape of Nick Ahmed, to nail the runner.

5/16 - Segura dive and throw

In a tied game, stopping the lead-off hitter from reaching base is always a good thing. And that's exactly what Jean Segura did, diving way to his right to snare a hard-hit ball up the middle, despite it skidding off the mound, then bounding back to his feet and showing off a shortstop's arm.

5/18 - Drury leaping catch

Brandon Drury is not a natural outfielder. He just played one for the Diamondbacks, and this was one of the most convincing facsimiles we saw in 2016. He tracked down a deep fly ball and reached up to make a nice grab before crashing into the fence in right.

5/30: The Lamb lies down

Jake Lamb has his share of defensive issues this season, particularly on throws across the diamond. But he also made some highlight reel quality plays, and below is the best of them. He dives to the right to stop a rocket down the line, then fires over to nab the runner by a hair.