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Who should be in the 2017 Arizona Diamondbacks bullpen?

Which pitchers should be part of our relief corps in 2017?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Just as we did for the potential 2017 Diamondbacks rotation, let's take a look at the in-house candidates for the Arizona bullpen, and see who the SnakePit prefers. The situation here will be rather different from the starting pitching, because there, we did not lose anyone significant over the course of the season to trades, or to free-agency at the end of it. This certainly isn't the case for the bullpen, where a number of significant arms for the D-backs this season are no longer under team control: Brad Ziegler, Josh Collmenter and Tyler Clippard were traded away and Daniel Hudson is now officially a free-agent.

Clippard certainly won't be coming back, but Ziegler, Collmenter [back with Atlanta] and Hudson are all available to sign back. However, I've omitted them from the poll, because their value to the team likely depends on the cost. Ziegler coming back at $5 million per year is a different beast from him returning at $10 million per year, and length of contract likely also plays into their value. The question of whether or not to re-sign them is a relevant one, and we'll probably get to that during the week.

Similarly, we're not including at this point players who may be part of the bullpen, but who did not appear for the team in 2016. Those would include relievers for whom the team trades in the coming months, as well as potential bullpen options we have in the minors, such as Jimmy Sherfy or Jared Miller, who were not called up to pitch in 2016, For now, this is only about picking a bullpen of seven players, from the ones we know will definitely be available to the team.

Switched up poll providers since Survey Monkey was demanding an outrageous fee to handle the sample size we got last time. The principle remains the same though: drag and drop the players listed into an order of preference from first to last. There is a "comments" field on the poll, but ignore that. If you have any thoughts and/or want to explain your selection, we have a perfectly good comments section below, in which you can do that.