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D-Backs announce minor uniform tweaks

Gone are the bloody pant legs, and some different color lettering.

Mark Henle - azcentral sports

It was a link in today’s SnakeBytes, but we’ll dedicate a post to it. At their charity golf tournament in Chandler yesterday, the Diamondbacks unveiled some minor tweaks to a few of their uniform designs which debuted last year.

The biggest change is that the bloody gradient pant legs are no longer there. This was probably the biggest criticism of the new uniform set.

Also, the teal variant road uniform will have teal numbers and nameplates to so as to be better seen with the darker base.

In a graphic provided by the Republic, the teal uniforms are shown with teal shoes, so that could be a thing.

You can find a good rundown here of all the changes and some side by side comparisons.

Let us know in the comments what you think of these changes. You were going to anyway, but it’s always good to be polite.