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SnakeBytes 11/12

A few news items for your Saturday

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Diamondbacks Unveil Minor Changes to Uniforms
They apparently aren't making them uglier in an attempt to make them look worse than the team's play did last season. Hopefully, the uniforms will be the ugliest thing about the Diamondbacks in 2017.

Arizona Diamondbacks Participate in the Mannequin Challenge
Either they used a real mannequin for the challenge, or Goldy really decided to go all-out.

D-backs Kevin Cron knows Exactly What Will Get Him to Big Leagues

Brandon Drury a Topic in D-backs Front Office

Greinke Honored for Glovework

D-backs Anticipate Keeping Greinke
That really would be best, and hopefully he can avoid as many injuries as he had last season, although I'm not optimistic.

Saddest Club of All: The 99ers
We don't care that much about RBI, but it's still nice to have a good round number. However, I'd argue the list of people scoring 99 in test cricket is a sadder list. That would probably make Alex Tudor (99 not out in 1999) the saddest 99 of all, as he never did score 100.