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Prospect Graduation: RHP Archie Bradley

While the results didn't often show up in the box score, Bradley made significant strides as a pitcher in 2016.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Archie Bradley was on the cusp of forcing his way into the big leagues in 2014, but then a slew of injuries threatened to derail a promising career. Fast-forward to the 2016 season, where Archie Bradley's stuff rebounded. The results on the box score still weren't impressive, but there were flashes of brilliance. At times Bradley would just blitz through a lineup and at times he struggled to get outs. While most of his starts ended near the 5th inning thanks to a high pitch count, he was able to make a jump in strikeout rate.

Fastball: 60/70

Curveball: 55/70

Cutter: 40/55

Change-up: 40/50

Command: 40/55

Pitchability: 45/60

Future Value: 55

Bradley needs to be able to work ahead in the count in order to maximize his effectiveness. His command is still very iffy, but the fastball is now in the mid 90s with life and has a knockout curveball that flashes to be a strikeout weapon. Bradley's strikeout rate jumped to a solid 22.4%, but with a double digit walk rate still plagued him in 2016. Bradley will enter his second full stint at the MLB level and that's a critical time for his development. I expect him to take a leap in year 2 where the command and pitchability go up. I'm hoping the Diamondbacks are able to help him develop his 3rd and 4th pitch because Bradley isn't always going to have command of his fastball and curveball.

Overall, his development is on the right track. He needs to smooth out command on his fastball and curveball in addition towards developing at least a 3rd reliable pitch. Bradley projects as the #4 in the 2017 rotation barring some unforeseen circumstances happening between now and April.