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Arizona Diamondbacks: November Confidence Poll

There's a new GM in town. Are we having fun yet?

John Moore/Getty Images

Hey, look! It's a confidence poll actually appearing on the 1st of the month! Don't get used to this though... When we polled you at the start of October, the franchise was in a state of flux, having just announced the departure of then-GM Dave Stewart and manager Chip Hale. The writing had been increasingly on the wall for a while, already leading to a sharp rebound in confidence in the September 1 poll - so, how much more difference was made by hammering the final nails into the Stewart era? Here are the results from the October 1 (more or less!) poll:

  • 28% - 1 (not confident in the slightest)
  • 19% - 2
  • 21% - 3
  • 8% - 4
  • 12% - 5
  • 7% - 6
  • 3% - 7
  • 0% - 8
  • 4% - 9 (very, very, VERY confident)

The bottom end of the chart continues to improve - that 28% still in the "1" category is the lowest percentage since the May 1 sample. Most of these seem to be somewhat more confident, with the numbers ticking up for each spot in the 2-5 range, by between 3.2% and 9.6%. However, there still seemed to be a ceiling on confidence. On September 1, the top four categories combined for 14.6%; that number was actually fractionally down on October 1, at 13.4%.

For ease of reading, I've changed up the formatting on the chart showing how the percentages for each score have changed over time. Rather than increasingly thin "needles", the chart below now has a line for each score tracking how it has changed over the course of this year. You can also hover over the data points to get the specific number, though obviously it's going to get jammed at certain points!

That put the overall figure for October at 3.11, an improvement of close to a quarter-point over September. That's perhaps a little lower than I'd have expected, anticipating a bigger bounce of jubilation from the "Anyone but Stewart" voters. It seems while the move was supported by most people, there was a sense of "wait and see" with regard to what the team would do in regard to a replacement. But it was still a second month of improvement, which was welcome after the thrashing our confidence took over the course of the summer. See the chart below:

Since that poll was taken, the team has appointed a new GM in Mike Hazen, a choice which seems to have been very well-regarded, both inside and outside fandom. Will that be reflected in the November score? Or are people still sitting on the fence to see, for example, who is appointed as team manager? We'll see... For here is this month's poll: as usual, feel free to explain yourself in the comments.