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Former Toronto Blue Jays GM Alex Anthopoulos and Rays VP of Baseball Ops Chaim Bloom declines interview for Diamondbacks GM vacany

File this under "To the surprise of no one".

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

The volatility of the Dbacks and their quick trigger on firing general managers and personnel people was going to bite them at some point and it has. To those paying close attention, no one is exactly surprised that former Toronto Blue Jays General Manager Alex Anthopoulos declined an interview for the Diamondbacks general manager vacancy.

Anthopoulos is very much responsible for most of the current layout of the Blue Jays roster, even though he's not around to reap the full rewards of it as the Jays are 1 game away from another ALCS berth. He's most likely searching for the best possible job he can get and while the Diamondbacks' job is attractive, it's not going to entice someone of AA's caliber. He's not going to lead the Dodgers with the amount of dysfunction surrounding the organization and the amount of volatility surrounding the GM position since the 2010 season began.

The team has already found six candidates for the general manager vacancy, although I'm not sure what stage they are at in the hiring process. So far the leading vote-getter in Jim's poll is former Yankees and Dodgers Assistant GM Kim Ng, with former Giants and Dodgers Ned Colletti finishing in 2nd. The team is still at the preliminary step of interviewing candidates before the ultimate selection process.

UPDATE (2:30 PM MST): The team has reached out to two more candidates, Rays VP of Baseball Ops Chaim Bloom and Royals Assistant GM JJ Piccolo. Bloom has already declined an interview, pointing out further that the volatility of the position will limit the amount of candidates for the job. As James Attwood suggested in the comment section, the next GM is probably coming from the original short list in the link above.