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Uniform Tracker: 2016 Season

With the first year of the new uniform set in the books, we look at the various W/L records of the various uniforms and draw uninformed conclusions from them.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Without much in the way of intro, here is the full table of Wins/Losses for individual uniform combinations in 2016 for the Diamondbacks.

Uniform (Locale/Jersey/Hat) Wins Losses
Home/Snake/Black 7 5
Away/Snake/Black 14 15
Home/Teal/Black 11 16
Away/Teal/Black 8 15
Home/Snake/Red 0 3
Home/Red/Black 6 5
Home/Red/Red 1 7
Home/Black/Black 6 7
Away/Red/Black 7 8
Away/Black/Black 5 7
Throwback Thursday 2 3
Special Event Home 0 2
Special Event Away 2 0

And so, here we are. A Diamondbacks season is finished, the first one in which this new uniform set has been used. I'm sure, 10 months since the unveiling, you still have hot takes about it, even though you've had a season to get used to them. I bet women at bars find you veeeeeeerrrry interesting.

You might ask, and rightfully so, what this data could be good for beyond general interest? Well, the Diamondbacks weren't very good this year. Obviously, the problems stemmed from more than just uniform selection, but by maximizing uniform selection next year based on these results, they can gain a few wins here and there. It's obviously legitimate science and the Diamondbacks need to give me a six-figure salary as a consultant on these matters.

And now some notes on the results:

- Your uniform winning percentage champion is the "Primary" uniform of the snakeskin gradient pattern with the black hat (pictured above). I used quotes like that because it only ever seemed to be worn at Monday home games. The uniform combination that was the most used was the away version of this. At home, the Teal outline was the garment of choice (worn at Tuesday and Friday home games for the most part) Ergo, the Diamondbacks should employ the Monday home jersey in more situations.

- Speaking of the Teal, the Diamondbacks made up a lot of their deficit in wins in the home and away versions of this combination (Not all of it, we'll come to that later.) All of the various color jersey combinations hovered around .500ish (again, except one, we'll get to that riiiiiiiiiiight now)

- Oh Red Hats. If you've been reading this feature for awhile, you'll know that the Red Hats were portends of doom for the Diamondbacks. In fact, they stopped wearing them for a few months after I pointed this out. I can't say this was related, but it was totally related. However, Phil Gosselin's walk-off single yesterday brought that winless curse to a close. However, the damage being done, the Diamondbacks were 1-11 in Red Hats this season (Counting the 4th of July as well) . Now, imagine a world where they are 11-1. I mean, they're 79-83, so not great, but probably not so much existential despair as we experienced. I'm Just Saying(TM)

- On another Red Hat programming note. Despite what this picture from the unveiling last December suggested, at no point did the Diamondbacks wear a red hat on the road. Which is fine, curse and all.

- There were two big spurts of wearing the black top uniform on the road. Once in about May, and then the past month or so. I can't give you a reason why, but it's just a thing I noticed.

- A comparison I made when the various combinations were unveiled was that we were like the University of Oregon football team in terms of how many uniforms there were. I didn't find this totally fair, since they actually have waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more combinations. Also, I should note that Oregon is really really really bad this year. They got Diamondbacks stank on em.

Will I do this again next year? Sure, why not? I already have the spreadsheet set up. It may be fun to see if any of these patterns stay similar on a year to year basis. Like, if 2017 brings about more Red Hat pain, then it's a trend.

For now, happy uniform watching!