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Snake Bytes 1/7: Rainy Days

Nothing like a stretch of rainy days to make it really sink in just how little baseball is going on right now.

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Erubiel Durazo Returns to Diamondbacks

The former Arizona first baseman returns to Arizona as a special advisor to Derrick Hall.

Are the Diamondbacks Kicking the Tires on Fernando Rodney?

The Diamondbacks are among the teams listed as showing interest in the former shut-down reliever.

ESPN Tabs Corbin for Breakout Performance in 2016

With Tommy John firmly in the rear-view, Patrick Corbin could be the key pitching acquisition on the 2015-16 offseason.

Dan Haren's Workout Ramblings

Although Brandon McCarthy gets plenty of recognition for his great twitter feel, another former Diamondback pitcher has an equally enjoyable feed to follow. That would be Dan Haren, who during a recent workout session went on a 14-post journey of enlightenment, self-deprecation, and comedy.

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Diamondbacks or Giants, Who Built the Better Rotation?

Both teams pushed hard to improve the pitching in the offseason. Who, if either, came out in front?

Royals Re-sign Alex Gordon

Reports were it was impossible. Kansas city is still proving they can do just that by bringing back franchise cornerstone, Alex Gordon on a four-year deal worth $72 million.