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SnakePit Hall of Fame Elects Ken Griffey Jr.

The 2016 SnakePit Hall of Fame will have a single inductee, with Ken Griffey Jr. the only man to be named on the necessary 75% of ballots.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

There were a total of 37 ballots cast, six down on last season's inaugural tally - I'll even allow the one person who, asked for their SnakePit username, responded "No".... Hey, it wasn't as if that proved the deciding factor in anyone getting elected or not! The results are as follows - anyone not listed, received zero votes.

Name Votes Percentage
Ken Griffey 33 89.20%
Trevor Hoffman 26 70.30%
Jeff Bagwell 24 64.90%
Craig Biggio 24 64.90%
John Smoltz 24 64.90%
Curt Schilling 22 59.50%
Mike Piazza 21 56.80%
Barry Bonds 17 45.90%
Roger Clemens 16 43.20%
Alan Trammell 14 37.80%
Mike Mussina 13 35.10%
Edgar Martinez 12 32.40%
Tim Raines 10 27.00%
Larry Walker 9 24.30%
Jeff Kent 7 18.90%
Fred McGriff 7 18.90%
Mark McGwire 4 10.80%
Gary Sheffield 4 10.80%
Billy Wagner 4 10.80%
Nomar Garciaparra 3 8.10%
Jim Edmonds 2 5.40%
Sammy Sosa 2 5.40%
David Eckstein 1 2.70%

If you compare these to last year's results, the holdovers tended to do slightly less well this year. Biggio, for example, decreased from 74%, Smoltz from 72% and Bagwell from 70%, all three men ending up this year at the same 65% figure. Schilling was also off a few points, but the drop was a lot more pronounced for Bonds, whose support shrunk from 60% to 46%; Clemens was also off by 10%. Among the new arrivals, Hoffman fared best, finishing two votes short of the necessary 28, though if this year is any guide, it doesn't appear chances improve in subsequent seasons.

And, yes: I will take bids as to whether or not to reveal the user ID of the person who voted for David Eckstein...

SnakePit Hall of Fame

Ken Griffey Jr.
Randy Johnson
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