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Arizona Diamondbacks Announce 2016 Minor League Player Development Staff

The Arizona Diamondbacks named the organization’s 2016 Player Development staff, as announced by D-backs Director, Player Development Mike Bell.

Robby Hammock returns as manager of Double-A Mobile
Robby Hammock returns as manager of Double-A Mobile
Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Last year, Arizona affiliates were 455-382 (.544), the second-highest winning percentage in the Minors behind Houston (.553; 502-405). Four D-backs affiliates made it to the postseason with 2 winning league titles (Short-Season A Hillsboro, Rookie-Advanced Missoula). The D-backs and Astros were the only 2 organizations with 2 full-season clubs with a .600+ winning percentage, with Single-A Advanced Visalia (.600) and Single-A Kane County (.609), who had the fourth-best winning percentage (.609; 84-54) among all full-season Minor League clubs.

In 2016, the D-backs will be in their eighth season with the Triple-A Reno Aces, 10th season with the Double-A Mobile BayBears and Single-A Advanced Visalia Rawhide, second with Single-A Kane County Cougars, fourth with the Short-Season A Hillsboro Hops, 18th with the Rookie-Advanced Missoula Osprey, sixth with the Rookie Arizona League (AZL) D-backs and 21st with the Dominican Summer League (DSL) D-backs.

The D-backs return all 6 of their coordinators while adding the roles of Assistant Coordinator (Mark Grudzielanek) and Short-Season Field Coordinator (Luis Urueta) and Short-Season Pitching Coordinator (Wellington Cepeda).

The D-backs return 6 managers with Mike Benjamin being promoted to Kane County from AZL D-backs while newcomer Darrin Garner will take over at the helm of the AZL D-backs, his ninth season as a manager.

The D-backs will return 12 coaches and have added 8 new coaches while also introducing new "Coach" roles at Mobile (Mike Lansing and Eddie Oropesa), Visalia (Javier Colina), Kane County (Shawn Roof) and AZL D-backs (Dan Kelly). Along with the aforementioned, the other new coaches include Jose Amado, Darwin Peguero, Rich Sauveur and Franklin Stubbs. Oropesa spent 4 seasons in the Majors including 2 with the D-backs in 2002-03. Franklin Stubbs spent parts of 10 seasons in the Majors, Mike Lansing played 9 Major League seasons and Rich Sauveur pitched in parts of 6 seasons.

Arizona Diamondbacks 2016 player development

Numbers in parentheses: first number is years in current role (consecutive); second number is years with D-backs.

Senior Vice President, Baseball Operations De Jon Watson (2nd/2nd)
Director, Player Development Mike Bell (5th/9th)
Assistant Director, Player Development T.J. Lasita (4th/4th)
Senior Coordinator, Minor League Administration Shawn Marette (2nd/2nd)
Support staff
Field/Infield Coordinator Tony Perezchica (3rd/14th)
Short-Season Field Coordinator Luis Urueta (1st/15th)
Pitching Coordinator Dan Carlson (3rd/15th)
Short-Season Pitching Coordinator Wellington Cepeda (1st/13th)
Hitting Coordinator Chris Cron (3rd, 3rd)
Assistant Coordinator Mark Grudzielanek (1st/2nd)
Outfield/Baserunning Coordinator Joel Youngblood (8th/10th)
Catching Coordinator Bill Plummer (3rd/15th)
Coach – Short-Season/AZL/DSL Audo Vicente (2nd/12th)
Coordinator, Latin American Operations Hatuey Mendoza (9th/9th)
Medical Coordinator Kyle Torgerson (1st/4th)
Assistant Medical Coordinator Paul Porter (2nd/4th)
Rehab Pitching Coordinator Brad Arnsberg (4th/4th)
Strength Coordinator Vaughn Robinson (4th/10th)
Complex Coordinator Bob Bensinger (16th/16th)
Clubhouse Assistant Mike Young (2nd/6th)
Clubhouse Assistant James Cameron (16th/16th)
Video Coordinator Jim Currigan (8th/20th)
Minor League Video Assistant Alex Cultice (6th/6th)
Hillsboro Consultant Ben Petrick (4th/4th)
Minor-league franchises - full season
Reno Aces
Mobile BayBears
Single-A Advanced
Visalia Rawhide
Kane County Cougars
Manager Phil Nevin (3rd/3rd) Robby Hammock (2nd/5th) J.R. House (2nd/5th) Mike Benjamin (1st/2nd)
Pitching Coach Gil Heredia (1st/8th) Doug Drabek (1st/7th) Jeff Bajenaru (1st/6th) Rich Sauveur (1st/1st)
Hitting Coach Greg Gross (4th/4th) Jason Camilli (2nd/5th) Vince Harrison (1st/3rd) Jonathan Mathews (1st/3rd)
Coach Tack Wilson (2nd/2nd) Mike Lansing (1st/1st) Eddie Oropesa (1st/1st) Javier Colina (1st/3rd) Shawn Roof (1st/1st)
Trainer Masa Abe (1st/6th) Rafael Freitas (1st/3rd) Chad Moeller (2nd/3rd) Ryne Eubanks (1st/3rd)
Strength/Cond. Matt Tenney (1st/6th) Sean Light (1st/4th) Steven Candelaria (1st/3rd) Skyler Zarndt (1st/5th)
Minor-league franchises - short season
Short-Season A
Hillsboro Hops
Missoula Osprey
Arizona League D-backs
Manager Shelley Duncan (2nd/2nd) Joe Mather (2nd/2nd) Darrin Garner (1st/1st)
Pitching Coach Mike Parrott (1st/20th) Darwin Peguero (1st/1st) Manny Garcia (1st/10th)
Hitting Coach Jose Amado (1st/1st) Franklin Stubbs (1st/1st) Jacob Cruz (2nd/6th)
Coach - - Dan Kelly (1st/1st)
Trainer Eddie Nungesser (1st/2nd) Chris Schepel (2nd/2nd) Joe Rosauer (1st/1st)
Strength/Cond. Jeremy Fradin (1st/3rd) Mike Locasto (1st/1st) Mike Schofield (1st/7th)

Short-Season Dominican Summer League
Boca Chica D-backs
Field Coordinator Wil Tejada (4th/4th)
Manager Juan Ballara (6th/19th)
Coach Juan Francia (1st/1st)
Pitching Coach Jose Tapia (14th/14th)
Assistant Pitching Coach Horacio Estrada (1st/1st)
Hitting & Outfield Coach Rolando Arenado (4th/4th)
Infield Coach Elvis Pena (6th/6th)
Trainer Carlos Perez (5th/5th)
Trainer Spencer Ryan (1st/1st)
Assistant Trainer Edgar Soto (6th/6th)
Administrative & Video Assistant Jose Diaz (19th/19th)
Administrator Mariana Dibildox (1st/1st)
Academic Marcos Rosa (4th/4th)