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Diamondbacks to save $6.5 million of cash owed to Aaron Hill

Dave Stewart wouldn't discuss the money, but fortunately, Nick Piecoro has the information regarding the Benjamins.

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

That would mean we're sending about $5.5 million in cash to the Brewers along with the players, as Aaron Hill was slated to earn #12 million next season. I'll update my Diamondbacks payroll spreadsheet and write about what that means overall in the morning, but my initial reaction is that this ends up as quite a good deal for the D-backs. If we assume Wagner for Dias is more or less a wash, and that offensively, Hill and Segura in 2016 might be fairly close too, then we dealt a pitcher who was just one of a roster of candidates for the fifth spot, and saved $6.5 million. Curious to see how the battle for middle infield positions goes in spring though.

Oh, and a fun fact resulting from this move. The highest-paid position player on the 2016 Diamondbacks will now be... [drum roll] Yasmany Tomas. Not certain how I feel about that...